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Star Pal. Plush Toy.

Star Pal is an 8 inch tall stuffed plush toy. Kids love him, and he makes a wonderful addition to any of our star packages!

Add a Star Pal for $9.95!

Additional Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers

Star Foundation makes no legal claim to assigning names to stars in the Universe. Only the International Astronomical Union has the authority to assign names to stars and they only recognize stars by assigning them numbers. Star Foundation does however, recognizes and acknowledges the names it assigns to stars in the Star Foundation Archives and will never name a Star more than once. Star Foundation acknowledges the fact there may be people who do not officially recognize the names they assign to the stars. Star Foundation products and services are intended for the sole purpose as unique "novelty gifts" only.

By purchasing our Star Packages you understand and accept that naming a star is only a novelty gift, and that no legal title is conferred or implied. We have no control over any other entities operating a similar service or the business of any scientific, governmental or other body. We cannot be held responsible or have any liability whatsoever if a star in our archives is referred to by another name or number or by any reference whatsoever in another register, catalogue, listing or other star reference in whatever form or size.