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Remember. With a Memorial Pin.

Wear the custom engraved Memorial Star Medallion in remembrance of your family member or loved one. Also includes the "Loving Memories" poem card.

Add a Memorial Star Pin for $9.95!

Ultimate Star Gazer Package

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The Ultimate Star Gazer Package features an 8 1/2" x 11" Name a Star certificate printed on beautiful copper parchment paper, stamped with the official seal of the Star Foundation. Frame your certificate with a deluxe, beveled edge walnut wood plaque and acrylic cover (basic assembly required).

A sturdy 2 pocket folder holds several pages of informative literature, including maps and information about your star's constellation, and astronomy in general, which are printed on grey granite paper. Also included is our antique brass Signature Medallion, which can be worn on your clothing as a symbol of your star.

With this package you will also receive a FREE Star Pal, and the First Light Astronomy Kit, which comes packaged in a 9" x 12" heavy-duty 2 pocket folder to be used for saving and organizing all of your astronomy materials. The kit includes 2 books (Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars and the Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars), an observing log master page for your celestial observations, calendars, references, and more!

Product Features

No Longer Available

The Ultimate Star Gazer Package includes all items from the Deluxe Package. View Items

In addition, a FREE Star Pal ($9.95 value) is included, along with the First Light Astronomy Kit which features:

  • 9" x 12" heavy-duty 2 pocket folder
  • Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars book
  • Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars book
  • Sky Atlas designed specifically for beginning astronomers
  • Uniquely designed low-distortion Planisphere
  • Reference card for comets
  • Table of the best meteor showers
  • Master log page for tracking all observations
  • 3 year planet locator and daily moon phase calendar